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No-Cringe Approach to Turning Your Internship into a Job Offer


You don't get to decide whether you play the corporate game or not. But you can choose to play it on easy mode or on hard mode. My goal is to reveal the (rigged) secret rules and help you play the game.
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They don't teach you this in college.


You're an ambitious, accomplished high performer who wants that full-time job offer. But, you're unsure about the specific steps to take.


In this course, I will share everything I have learned firsthand and seen other successful people do, including my systematic approach to becoming an invaluable asset to the company, and making it a no-brainer to hire you. 


You'll get more opportunities, faster promotions, and more visibility with leadership. 



What you'll get out of this course: 

→ LEARN THE RULES of the (rigged) corporate game and how to play them so you can stand out early in your career.
→ Get access to NO-CRINGE GAMEPLANS and strategies to master your internship. 
→ Learn the SECRETS TO MANAGING YOUR MANAGER, and making them your biggest advocate.
→ OVERCOME your IMPOSTER SYNDROME and step into a position as a valuable employee.
→ Skyrocket your INFLUENCE AND IMPACT on the work. 




This course is not theory; it's a practical guide with step-by-step plans that you can apply to your internship, immediately. 


This course comes alive in bite-sized videos. Go at your own pace. Watch and learn on any device. 


These concrete plans work for every intern, regardless of industry. It covers ALL the topics and helps you be in control of your internship. 

74% of US college students feel unprepared for the “real” world.

Own Your Internship is everything you need to know and what to do.


(Your On Demand Guide)

Own Your Internship

 A game-changing course that covers everything you need to know to be confident in your internship. You deserve to be informed, prepared, and supported. 



Easy, self-paced 6 module course

 that teaches interns what it takes to succeed in the corporate job, and what they can DO to secure the full-time job offer. 

The lessons are bite-sized and only a few minutes to watch. 


Module 1

Five Founding Principles for Succeeding In Your Summer Internship

Learn how to be the calm, cool and confident leader of your summer internship - and handle anything thrown your way. 

✔️ What goes into succeeding during the summer internship (and what you can and cannot control) 

✔️ Key principles for how you should show up during your summer internship

✔️ Outlines what goes into owning your internship so you can maximize your chances of going back to college with a return offer

Module 2


Five-Part Internship Gameplan

Finally feel confident in EXACTLY what to say (and do!) to own your internship. 

✔️ Gain a 5-part framework that outlines the key components (that you CAN CONTROL) during your summer internship

✔️ Go through step-by-step concrete plans that tell you what to say and how to say it 

✔️ Covers over 24 gameplans that make you feel empowered and confident on the job 


Module 3


Additional Tools To Show Up Like A Boss

Discover additional tactics to help you ace the return offer.

✔️ 12 additional gameplans that help you succeed in the corporate world 

✔️ Covers topics from setting expectations to how to ask questions 


Module 4


Specific Situations

Micromanaging boss, performance reviews, imposter syndrome, setting expectations, conflicting feedback, and more. So much more. 

✔️ Covers ALLLLLL the situations you may encounter during your internship 

✔️ Walks you step-by-step through what you can do during each of these situations 


BONUS: Module 5


Week By Week Breakdown Of The Internship 

What you need to do during each of the 11 weeks of your summer internship. 

✔️ Covers the entire 11 week summer internship (and calls out when you can chill and when you need to accelerate) 

✔️ Gives you themes for each of the 11 weeks (and what you need to get done during each of those weeks) 


BONUS: Module 6


Industry Nuances

While this course is applicable to all industries, this section highlights a few industry specifics that could help you further succeed on the job. 

✔️ Highlights small nuances for Banking/Finance, Consulting and Tech 

✔️ Gives you an org chart, where you fit within that org chart, and who you should "manage up" to 



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Think of "Own Your Internship" as an instruction manual for summer interns. It'll help you maximize your chances of going back to college with a return offer in hand. 


You may be asking yourself...

Don't go blind into your first corporate internship.

You likely prepared for the SAT. Why not be as prepared as possible for your internship, when the stakes are so high? 

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