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The world's first online course to help you succeed in your summer internship!


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Raise your hand if you...


+ Feel like you don't know what you don't know: Manager, feedback, communication, co-workers, just to name a few. 


+ Nailed the internship offer, but in need of a gameplan to nail the return offer.  


+ Worry about juggling it all with only 11 weeks on the job (and totally messing up).


+ Get anxious when thinking about the internship because the stakes are high. 


Want to start your senior year not having to do on-campus recruiting again. 


Wish someone would just tell you what to do and how to do it. 


Listen to me: You are NOT alone. 


You deserve the tools and step-by-step plans to help you feel like the calm, cool, confident leader you are. I'm here to help. 


Own Your Internship will:


+ Make you feel empowered and confident during your corporate internship 


+ Help you define, deliver and drive impact for your summer projects


+ Give you the tools to proactively handle and diffuse any internship situation that comes up 


Equip you with scripts and how-tos so you know *exactly* how to handle every single intern situation: communicating with your manager, taking feedback, making mistakes, and more 


Give you tools for life (that work not just for the internship but for your entire career) 

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Get six, ACTIONABLE video modules broken into 

BITE-SIZED pieces 

I developed the course with your busy schedule in mind. The lessons take only a few minutes to watch, and each one includes practical, do-this-not-that takeaways. 

Module 1

Five Founding Principles for Succeeding In Your Summer Internship

Learn how to be the calm, cool and confident leader of your summer internship - and handle anything thrown your way. 

✔️ What goes into succeeding during the summer internship (and what you can and cannot control) 

✔️ Key principles for how you should show up during your summer internship

✔️ Outlines what goes into owning your internship so you can maximize your chances of going back to college with a return offer

Module 2


Five-Part Internship Gameplan

Finally feel confident in EXACTLY what to say (and do!) to own your internship. 

✔️ Gain a 5-part framework that outlines the key components (that you CAN CONTROL) during your summer internship

✔️ Go through step-by-step concrete plans that tell you what to say and how to say it 

✔️ Covers over 24 gameplans that make you feel empowered and confident on the job 


Module 3


Additional Tools To Show Up Like A Boss

Discover additional tactics to help you ace the return offer.

✔️ 12 additional gameplans that help you succeed in the corporate world 

✔️ Covers topics from setting expectations to how to ask questions 


Module 4


Specific Situations

Micromanaging boss, performance reviews, imposter syndrome, setting expectations, conflicting feedback, and more. So much more. 

✔️ Covers ALLLLLL the situations you may encounter during your internship 

✔️ Walks you step-by-step through what you can do during each of these situations 


BONUS: Module 5


Week By Week Breakdown Of The Internship 

What you need to do during each of the 11 weeks of your summer internship. 

✔️ Covers the entire 11 week summer internship (and calls out when you can chill and when you need to accelerate) 

✔️ Gives you themes for each of the 11 weeks (and what you need to get done during each of those weeks) 


BONUS: Module 6


Industry Nuances

While this course is applicable to all industries, this section highlights a few industry specifics that could help you further succeed on the job. 

✔️ Highlights small nuances for Banking/Finance, Consulting and Tech 

✔️ Gives you an org chart, where you fit within that org chart, and who you should "manage up" to 


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Think of "Own Your Internship" as an instruction manual for summer interns. It'll help you maximize your chances of going back to college with a return offer in hand. 

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